Overnight Oats 3 ways - Matcha, Cocoa and Original!

Overnight Oats 3 ways - Matcha, Cocoa and Original!

Do you wake up in the thinking, what the heck am I going to eat for breakfast, I'm too hungry to make an elaborate meal but want something decadent? Well, thats where overnight oats come in! There is no shortage of overnight oats recipes on the web but thats because it is a super tasty, easy, fun dish to make using nourishing, wholesome oats. Plus, once you have the base recipe you can have fun with different add-ins.


In this recipe we give 3 examples of super tasty overnight oats combos but the options are endless. The first up is Matcha with bananas and honey. Not something I typically make but was super happy with the results, its really good and definitely worth trying.

Next up is Cherry Cocoa, a classic combo in overnight oats form.


Last but not least, we have the Original topped with Strawberries but this is the base recipe. Delicious on its own and turned into something a little more extra!


Overnight Oats (Vegan, GF)

Ingredients (Base)

1/2 cup Quick cook rolled oats

1 Tb Chia seeds

3/4 cup Plant-based milk of choice (we used oat milk)

1 Tb Maple syrup


1 tsp Matcha powder

Before eating top with:

1/2 Banana slices

Drizzle honey or more maple syrup (if vegan)

Cherry Cocoa:

2 tsp Cocoa powder

1 Tb dried cherries

Before eating top with:

Chocolate chips


The ingredients above are for one jar of overnight oats. So, take out the number of jars you want to make and add the ingredients to each jar. Mix together, add in any extras and mix again. Put on the lid and place in the fridge overnight. Enjoy!